"Subsidies for Innovations"

The project is co-financed from the funds of the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Innovative Economy

The object of the project being implemented is carrying out IT works, designed to integrate RentalOffice's IT systems with 2 cooperating companies. The project is intended to enable automation of information exchange between IT systems of the cooperating companies. The created B2B system will integrate the companies under the supply chain. The B2B system will be supplied with data from the platform for gathering and processing data, planned for implementation by RentalOffice, which will cover all areas of the company, gathering and enabling processing of the data being exchanged with the partners. By implementation of the planned investment, RentalOffice will have the possibility to develop cooperation with the key partners, on the basis of electronic solutions, by adjusting its own IT system to the IT systems of the cooperating entrepreneurs, in order to enable automation of information exchange between their IT systems. The B2B system will contain, among others, the following business modules: - accounting/controlling – the module is designed for computer handling of accounting in the company - HR – the module enables human resource management and remuneration calculation - sale and distribution – the module allows for full handling of purchases, domestic and foreign sales - purchases – this module allows for registering purchase orders and internal orders - quality management – the module allows for global quality management of service processes, - workflow – the module enables tracking of the exchange of information and documents between the participants under the defined scenarios of business processes under the SaaS module – Interactive presentations based on sales statistics - SaaS module – Business Partners Sales Support The B2B System will cover the following business processes: - order placement module - order execution control module  - module for analysis of sales, orders and payment - module for system maintenance and administrative procedures The planned IT solutions will increase the effectiveness of the implemented business processes, and hence will allow for achieving the assumed results. These results include: improved management, quick circulation of documents, information, facilitated access to archive information, reduction in the quantity of errors, obtaining a database system. Thanks to the undertaken actions, the company will be able to develop and expand its share in the market.



The project is co-financed by the European Union from the Regional Development Fund Regional Operational Programme Innovative Economy.